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What is LTD?

The name “Leadership Training Division” is a bit of a misnomer.  While the training is designed to enhance the ability of GWRRA’s leaders, it is also applicable within everyone’s daily lives.  Please take advantage of LTD training whenever the opportunity presents – even if you’ve been thru it before.  WE are all leaders – within GWRRA, at work, in the community and especially in our families.

Horizons Program: The most talked about LTD training is the Horizons Program.  Horizons is an intensive 2-day learning experience designed to provide the participants with a more complete understanding of what being an officer in GWRRA is all about.  It is hoped that this will help the “prospective” new officer make an informed decision about accepting an officer position.  It is the first step on the “Training Road” to build confidence and the skills needed to be a successful Chapter Director.

OCP: New for 2015 is the Officer Certification Program, or OCP.  In OCP we communicate what GWRRA is, what it stands for, and why it is structured and operates the way it does.  Information is taken directly from the GWRRA Officer’s Handbook.  OCP is designed to give officers, or those wishing to become officers, comprehensive knowledge of GWRRA policies and procedures.  It explores the idea of networked core team; honoring and recognizing our officers for their commitment and sacrifices as volunteer leaders.  OCO is open to any member who wishes to attend, however it is required training for directors and their assistant’s ar all levels –  Chapter, District ant Regional.

Other training available from LTD is divided into the broad categories of:

  • Life Skills,
  • Chapter Life,
  • Member Orientation, and
  • Leadership Skills.

Within Leadership skill there are three “stair steps”, each building on skills learned in the previous one:

  • Chapter Leadership,
  • Intermediate Leadership and
  • Advance Leadership.

Listed below are the segments contained within each of these broad categories.  Most of the segments are designed to be presented in 1-hour sessions, but can be grouped together making for a full day of training.


LIFE SKILLS                                                   CHAPTER LEADERSHIP
  Time Management                                               Leadership
  Remembering Names                                           Delegation
  Stress Management                                            Staffing and Appointments   
  Public Speaking Basics                                         Chapter Structure
  Managing Change                                                  Chapter Finances
  Self Esteem; Keys to Success                              You’re an Officer – Now What?
  Listening and Communicating                                Newsletters
                                                                              Interviewing Techniques

CHAPTER LIFE                                                  INTERMEDIATE LEADERSHIP SKILLS
  Flyers for Fun & Profit                                        Building High Performance Teams
  Planning a Chapter Event                                      Financial Reporting and the IRS
  What is a CD?                                                      Motivating and Managing Volunteers
  Chapter Structure                                               Releasing Volunteer Leaders
  What is the Rider Ed Program?                           Chapter Communication Planning
  Basic Web Use and Site Design                           Problem Solving
  Member Benefits Overview                                 Win-Win Progress Reviews
  How to Show a Bike/How to Judge & Show          FUNdrasing

  Horizon Program Overview                                   The Nature of Leadership
  Training the Members                                          People Based Leadership Skills
                                                                              High Impact Leadership Skills
                                                                              Leadership Survival Skills
                                                                              Getting to Know Yourself
                                                                              Studies in Applied Leadership
                                                                              Coaching and Mentoring
                                                                              Conflict Management