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Nov 2019

Oct 2019

Sept 2019

Aug 2019

July 2019

June 2019

May 2019

April 2019

March 2019

  • DD: Change is in the Air
  • ADD: Kansas Mid-Winter Rendezvous
  • DE:  Road Captian Course
  • MEC: Membership Enhancement New
  • Chapter News & Updates

Feb 2019

  • DD: Fun Time in Your Chapters
  • DE: Levels Program
  • COY: Welcome 2019
  • MEC: Chapter Directors
  • Chapter News & Updates
  • Classifieds

Jan 2019

  • DD:    Welcome New Officers
  • DD:    Chapter News & Updates
  • MEC: Happy New Year
  • DE:     Levels Program
  • Chapter News & Updates

Dec 2018

  • Happy Holidays
  • MEC: Choy due date
  • COY: This year come and gone
  • DE: Cold Weather Riding
  • Chapter News & Updates

Nov 2018

  • DD: Helping our Members in Need
  • MEC: Appling for ChOY
  • COY: Year Ending items
  • University Coord:  Rider Ed & Training
  • Chapter Reports

Oct 2018

  • DD: Cruising to the Rally
  • MEC: Rally Winners
  • Okla District Fall Harvest Celebration
  • University Coord:  Great Rally
  • DE:  Road Warnings
  • Ride Coord:  District Tour Report
Sept 2018
  • DD: Rally Time
  • Chapter-E Bug Gut Run
  • Okla Tour Ride
  • Okla District Rally, Rally time
  • Officers Needed
  • Rally Schedule
  • Classifieds
Aug 2018
  • DD: Break Time
  • Chapter News & Updates
  • COY: Having Fun Yet?
  • DTrainer: UniversityTraning Day Schedule
July 2018
  • DD: Lots of Riding
  • MEC:  Report
  • Chapter News & Updates
  • COY: Having Fun Yet?
  • DTrainer: UniversityTraning Day Scheduled
  • Ride Coordinator - District Tour
  • DEd:  Changes in Levels
June 2018
  • DD: Ride, Ride, Ride
  • MEC:  MEC Report
  • Chapter News & Updates
  • COY: Couples
  • DTrainer: Traning Is Coming
April 2018
  • DD: What Makes a Good Leader
  • Ride Coord:  Report
  • Chapter News & Updates
  • COY: Couples
  • DTrainer: UniversityTraning Update
  • Dinner Ride of the Month - Coltons
  • DEd:  Trike Riders course report

March 2018
  • DD: Your Box of "Fun"
  • MEC: Financial Meeting Notes
  • Chapter News & Updates
  • COY: Couples
  • DEd: Traning
  • Dinner Ride of the Month
  • Chapter Reports

Feb 2018
  • DD: The Gifts of Appreaciation
  • MEC:  2018 Chapter MEC's
  • AMEC: A Busy Year Ahead
  • Reports from Chapters
  • Oklahoma Tour Information
Jan 2018
  • DD: Welcome to 2018 OK District
  • COY: End of Year
  • DT: District Training Weekend
  • DE: Happy New Year
  • Reports from Chapters
  • GWRRA 2018 Event Schedule
Dec 2017
  • DD: The Season of Fall is Here
  • MEC:  Happy Holidays!
  • COY: Where has the Year Gone?
  • DT: Change is in the Air
  • Asst. MEC: Wrap it Up
  • Reports from the Chapter
Nov 2017
  • DD: Fun Time and Cycle of Change
  • MEC:  Rally Review
  • COY: Congratulations
  • DE: Meet new TEAM GWRRA Directors
  • Asst. MEC: Why we joined
  • Reports from the Chapters
Oct 2017
  • DD: Hurricanes, Wing Ding & Change
  • MEC:  Fall Fun Rally
  • DE: Educator's Notes
  • COY: October Fun
  • Trainer:  It's Time to Train!
  • AMEC:  Chapter of the Year Packets
  • Reports from the Chapters
Sept 2017
  • DD: Having Fun at Wing Ding
  • MEC:  Fall Fun Rally
  • DE: Shiny Side UP
  • COY: Can-Do-Attitude
  • Rally News
  • Reports from the Chapters
Aug 2017
  • DD: Change Coming to GWRRA
  • MEC:  Change
  • DE: Distracted Drivers
  • COY: Fun Fun Fun
  • MEC:  Changes Are Coming
  • MAC:  Notes from Kay
  • Reports from the Chapters
July 2017
  • DD: Good Job
  • MEC:  Individual of the Year
  • DE: Summer Heat
  • COY: Couple of Year report
  • MAC:  Breaking New Ground
  • DT:  What's Driving your Train?
  • Reports from the Chapters
June 2017
  • DD: Remember Your Friends

  • MEC:  Oklahoma Proud

  • DE: Approved Rider Courses

  • COY: Couple of Year report

  • Choy: Congrats Region H and International OK-K

  • Classifieds for Sale

  • Reports from the Chapters

MAY 2017

  • DD: Changing Team Members
  • MEC:  Upcoming Rallys
  • DE: Approved Rider Courses
  • COY: Region Rally
  • Choy: GWRRA University
  • Azalea Parade Photos
  • Reports from the Chapters

April 2017

  • DD: Springtime is here
  • MEC:  Individual of the Year
  • DE: Your Motorcycle License
  • COY: Rally Season
  • Choy: Levels Pins
  • Reports from the Chapters

March 2017

  • DD: Visit a Chapter Gathering
  • Great Financial Planning Meeting
  • ADD: Learning Modules
  • COY: Important Announcement
  • DT: Time to Train
  • MEC:  ARL Report
  • Reports from the Chapters

Feb 2017

  • DD: Doing Someting or Nothing
  • Chapter K Choy report
  • COY: COY Report
  • DE: Shiny Side Up
  • Reports from the Chapters

Jan 2017

  • DD: New Beginnings
  • DE: Educator Notes
  • DT: Training Time
  • COY: Activity Report

Dec 2016

  • DD: What's in Your Wallet?
  • New Directors
  • COY: New Coordinators
  • Shawnee Honda Support
  • MEC:  Cycle of Chapter Life
  • DE: Tis the Season
  • Reports from the Chapters

Nov 2016

  • DD: Where Do We Go from Here
  • MEC: Chapter Reports
  • MEC: COY & CHoy Programs
  • COY: Report
  • Chapter Reports

Oct 2016

  • DD: What a Great Time
  • Rally Photos
  • COY: New Coordinators
  • New Sponsor Mini Trailers
  • MEC:  Rally Time
  • Reports from the Chapters

Sept 2016

  • DD: It's Almost Here
  • MEC: Now is the Time
  • Chapter Reports

Aug 2016

  • DD: Let's Rally Again
  • MEC: Do you Know Chapter Members?
  • DRE: Summer Heat
  • MAP: Upcoming Flag Ceremony
  • MEC:  MEC Program Change
  • Reports from the Chapters

July 2016

  • DD: You Need to Participate
  • GWRRA Golf Tournament
  • MEC: Choy year Goal
  • MAP:  Happy Summer Riders
  • COY: Activity Repor

June 2016

  • DD: Unsung Heroes
  • OHP Safe Riders Course
  • Chapter Baskets for OK Rally
  • GWRRA Mugs
  • Beware of E-85 Fuel

May 2016

  • DD: Proud to be an Okie
  • State Park Ride 2016
  • Reno Rendezvous Cancelled
  • MAP:  RAF on the Road
  • MEC: Statistics Tell the Story
  • Asnt MEC: Chapter of the Year

April 2016

  • DD: Join in the Fun?
  • COY: Sharing with you
  • Event: Spring Fling
  • DEd:  The Important Co-Rider
  • MEC: Get Just One

Mar 2016

See Couple Corner "Positive Thinking"

  • DD: District State Park Tour
  • COY: Spring Fun
  • Event: Spring Fling
  • DEd:  Perception
  • MEC: Visit a Chapter
  • Asnt MEC: Get Credit for what you do

Feb 2016

  • DEd: District Educator's Notes
  • DLeadership: If it is to be, it is up to me
  • Reports from Chapters
  • DD: Gold Wingers are Ugly? really?
  • ADD: Kansas Mid-Winter Rendezvous
  • COY: Sharing with you
  • Event: Spring Fling
  • MAP:  Put your lights on
  • MEC: MEC in the Chapter
Dec 2015

DD:  District Survey Results

ADD: Meet New ADD

COY: Don't Go The Wrong Way

DLT:  Been There~Done That

RE: Safety Recall

Chapter Reports

Nov 2015

DD: Oklahoma Rally Report
MEP: Contacting New Members
COY: Sometimes You Learn

LDT: Having Chapter Training Days 

Articles from COY, Leadership, Rider Ed

Oct 2015
  • DD: It's Rally Time
  • COY: A Leaders Portrait
  • MAP: Come Play with Us!
  • DE: Wing Ding 37 a Success
  • Reports from Chapters
Sept 2015
  • DD: To Train or Not to Train
  • ADP: Culture
  • LTD: Teamwork
  • DRE: Braking, Cornering, Swerving
  • MEC:  MEC Program Change
  • Couples Corner: Sources of Self-Motivation
  • Reports from the Chapters
Aug 2015
DD: Good Chapter Directors
ADD: GWRRA and the Future
MEP: Hot times...
MAP: Voice Mail Etiquette
Articles from COY, Leadership, Rider Ed
July 2015
DD: What is a CD (Chapter Director)
MAP: Riding in the Heat
MEC:  MEC Program Change
Couples Corner: Get your Groove Back
Reports from the Chapters
June 2015 DD: Little Chapters, Great People
MEP: MEP Change
COY: News from COY Program
Chapter Reports

May 2015

DD: Oklahoma Proud
COY: OK-X couple now Region H COY
MAP: Does GWRRA need PR?
DE: Riding in all Weather Conditions
Reports from Chapters
Apr 2015
DD: Focusing on the fun
ADD: Distist Campout Plans
MEP: Come out and Play
MAP: Bubble of Awareness
Articles from COY, Leadership, Rider Ed
Mar 2015
DD: Signup Sponsor = $40
ADD: Meet Assistant Dist. Directors
COY: Announcements.
LD:Whats on your Horizons?
Couples Corner
Feb 2015
DD: Meet the New Director
News: New Dist. Team Members
MAP: When Gas Prices go UP...
DE: Winter Down Time
Reports from Chapters
Dec 2014
ADD: Winter Activities
ADD: Holiday Season
RE: Autumn Scenic Rides
MEC: Think on these Things
New: Couples Corner
Reports from the Chapters

Nov 2014


ADD: Beating the winter time blues
MAD: Watch for 2nd Deer
RE: Autumn Scenic Rides
MEC: Where's the most Fun Chapter
Reports from the Chapters

Oct 2014

DD: Great District Convention
ADD: New Event Coordinator
MAD: See what a truckdriver can't see

COY: Meet the 14-15 COY couple
MEC: Listing of all the winners
Reports from the Chapters


Sept 2014

Its all about the Oklahoma District Convention Sept. 25-27 at Shawnee Convention Center.

Aug 2014

DD: Ideas on Leadership
MAP: Are we Seen?
RE: Oklahoma in July
ME: The Happy Chapter
DT: New Director of Training GWRRA

July 2014

DD reports on their history in GWRRA
Motor Awareness: "Why it Helps to See"

Educator tells how to "Pack and Load a Goldwing"MEC explanins: "GWRRA's Couple of the Year Program"

June 2014

DD reports on OK-B & OK-J Anniversaries
Motor Awareness  notes: "The Bubble of Awarness"
MEC message about the new Wingworld Mag Site

May 2014

Report on Spring Fling
Message from Dist. Ed Max Rowlett
Message from New COY's the McDaniels

April 2014

Message from New Director
Message fron New MEC Susan Carter
2013 ChOY announced OK-K

March 2014

Bill & Debbie Rhoades named as New Oklahoma District Directors
Feb 2014 Jack Wagnor - The New Year is always a time for Change.
Jan 2014

Larry Cowan - Reflection on the Past

John Irons - LTD seminars

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